A school lighting system by Philips that speeds up response to school shooting incidents


Emergency response to school shootings takes too long

It takes 18 minutes for first responders to respond to an active shooter incident — a full 5 minutes after the average incident ends.


A school lighting system with a built-in three-part alert system

Schools with the AURA lighting system are equipped with:

Sensors that triangulate a bullet's shockwave

Lights that change color to initiate lockdown procedures

An app that immediately notifies the school and first responders

Case Study

This cuts down the period of confusion as an active shooter event begins, and gets first responders on the scene faster

The system alerts first responders within a second of a gunshot
How It Works

Lights throughout the school turn blue immediately after a gunshot, so the school doesn’t wait on the front office and the PA system to enter lockdown procedures

Overhead lighting visually cues the building into lockdown procedures

The system transmits the locations of gunshots to an app available to faculty and first responders

Lights near gunshots turn orange, so first responders can quickly find and treat anyone who's wounded

The location of gunshots are triangulated and reported

Part of all Philips lighting profits help fund AURA lighting systems in schools.

Let's tell Philips customers how their purchase is helping fund brighter futures.






My Role

Strategist: Tory Nagel

XD: Danielle Johnson

CW: Stevenson Cerrillo

AD/XD: Arielle Bryant

Research on current & developing technology

Developing user flow

Branding within the Philips ecosystem

3D rendered demonstrations

I researched the tactics that schools are currently using to respond in active shooter situations to find points for improvement. I also researched currently developing Philips technology to find a way that Philips could help. Then, I branded the system within the Philips brand ecosystem, and 3D rendered the demonstration video


3D Modeling in Cinema 4D


Product Innovation

Arielle Bryant   |  Art Director